I follow dogs on Instagram

My body of work has recently had a surge in dog portraits.
I follow thousands of dogs on Instagram, it all started
By starting an account for my beautiful dog Happy.
And through doing that I have come across so many amazing
A certain few have touched my heart resulting in a compulsion to paint them
and attempt to capture their beauty, so very individual and all very unique in looks and character.

We humans can learn a great deal from these furry four legged creatures.

In memory of Rocket

These prints are available to buy on my etsy at:

My dog is my life and the complete embodiment of all of my happiness hence her name 'Happy'

I like to share pictures of my beautiful Happy with the world because she as all dogs has the amazing ability to make a person no matter how bad they are feeling smile.

I follow thousands of dogs on Instagram and have become quite attached to a number of them.

Oblivion portrait of an artist.

In memory of Tilikum who sadly passed away on the 6th of January 2017
I have designed this image 'Not Forgotten' because he will always remain in my heart and many others.

All money from the sale of these prints will be donated to The Whale Project Sanctuary.

The mission of The Whale Sanctuary Project is to establish a model seaside sanctuary where cetaceans (whales and dolphins) can live in an environment that maximizes well-being and autonomy and is as close as possible to their natural habitat.

I am deeply saddened to hear of the death of Tilikum on the 6th of January 2017.
I feel as if a part of my heart has died with him.
I will continue to sell my Tilikum art work and raise money and awareness for Blue Freedom in the hope that one day things will change and people will make things change, so no whale will suffer the way Tilikum did.
Rest in peace my beautiful friend Tilikum.
November 1981 - January 6th 2017.

'Tilikum a captive whale' A3 digital giccle print (2016)

These prints are an edition of 15.
they are A3 digital giccle prints.
selling at £60.
All profits will be donated to Blue Freedom.
If interested in buying a print please contact me at

'Tilikum a captive whale' painting (2016)

After watching Blackfish in 2014 I became intensely moved by Tilikum's story,
an orca whale who has been living in Sea World since he was captured in 1983.

This painting is titled 'Tilikum', it is 6ft by 4ft in size and is mixed media, selling at £2500.

If I manage to sell this piece I will donate all profits to Blue Freedom which is an international student group,
founded in 2012 by Katie Emmons and Abbie Emmons, who raise awareness and fundraise to put an end to the captive cetacean industry.

Original 'Free Tilikum' artwork (2016)

medium, cardboard and ink in a box frame.
61cm length by 43.5cm width, depth of frame 5cm.
This artwork is selling for £250.

All money made from
this piece will be donated to Blue Freedom.

please sign the petition to free Tilikum at:

If interested in purchasing this artwork please contact me at:

Free Tilikum Prints (2016)

“Extracting” an animal from his natural environment, where he would normally swim vast distances, dive to extreme depths and spend his entire life with his close knit family pod is simply unethical." Blue Freedom.

Tilikum is a 12,000+ pound Orca whale, he was stolen from his family in 1983, since then he has been living in Sea World.
Blue Freedom is a charity which is trying to raise awareness of this cruel reality and petitioning to bring freedom to this whale.

I am taking part in the Snowdon Midnight Challenge on the 15th of May 2015. This is to raise money for Alzheimer's.

I am selling these two older pieces of mine to raise money for this cause.

'Beneath Her Skin', acrylic on wood, for sale at £480
'Bird Story', acrylic on board, for sale at £100 (this painting has now been sold.)

All artist's profits made from the sale of these items will be donated to The Alzheimer's Society.

If you are interested in either piece please contact me at