Bids & Bites auction by BHRSC Basset Hound Rescue Southern California

I haven’t exhibited my work for a long time so I don’t even know if people look at this, but this narrative is more for my own acknowledgement and purpose as an artist.

For the past two years I have donated my artwork to The Bids & Bites Auction for BHRSC. Unfortunately due to the all consuming monster that is Anorexia
my body is giving up on me and is effecting all aspects of my life. For me as an artist the most devastating being my ability to paint.

I have always been a perfectionist with my art and highly judgemental of my own work, this being the case I didn’t feel I could produce something this year for The Bids & Bites Auction. Knowing due to my extreme fatigue effecting my ability to even lift a paint brush for a short period of time it would never meet my own high expectations.

But I was very much inspired by Henri Matisse after reading ‘Henri Matisse a second life’ by Alastair Sooke.

“An artist should never be a prisoner of himself, prisoner of a style, prisoner of a
reputation, prisoner of success etc” – Henri Matisse

So after 8 months of not picking up a paint brush I realised what I was able to physically produce would although be of a completely different style to my
previous work before this illness that I would embrace it as an artist in this second life.