Oblivion portrait of an artist.

I've never felt the need or desire to explain the meanings behind my paintings, but as this piece is so intimate and the struggle within it so raw I feel it deserves some words behind the image.
This painting is in no way a positive image of the female form. The woman you are looking at is fighting for her life. And even though there is so much tragedy within her form the beauty of her soul flickers through her skin still very much alive.
I am the woman in this painting and this is my oblivion.
I have never attempted or even felt the desire to attempt to paint a self portrait, only now when my body is giving up do I feel the need to translate it's struggle. When the physical effects of starvation are so apparent I feel an urgency to document it as it is an illness so many succumb to and despite the garish reflection I portray there is a desperate need for me as an artist to capture it, to capture it because of its ugliness because of it's unyielding obliteration on the human body, but I also wanted to capture the beauty that remains within this wreckage of bone and muscle. This painting is tragic but life is tragic and we must not close our eyes to it but embrace the beauty that lies beneath.

Everly Dark